4 Questions You May Encounter In a CNA Job Interview

Whether you want to become a traveling nurse or want to work for a medical facility in your local area, participating in interviews is something you have to do. Employers use the interview process as a way to find out more about candidates. With the information from an interview, a potential employer can determine whether you’re the right fit for the job in question. 

Every year, over 220,000 CNA positions are available in the United States. If you want to make a good impression on a potential employer, then preparing for the interview process is crucial. Below are some questions you might encounter during a CNA job interview. 

1. What Are Your Strengths As a CNA?

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a CNA is the financial freedom this job can provide. If you want to land a job in this lucrative field, you need to be able to express your strengths and weaknesses to a potential employee. When asked about your strengths during a CNA job interview, you need to have an answer prepared beforehand. 

Instead of being braggadocious about your strengths, you need to give the answer to this question with a bit of humility. The answer to this question shouldn’t be a laundry list of your skills. Strengths should also include things like the ability to collaborate or to lead when needed. You also need to highlight your ability to stay organized. 

2. Do You Pride Yourself on Being a Team Player?

A certified nursing assistant generally reports directly to a licensed nurse. The licensed nurse will often delegate certain tasks to the CNA. In your role as a CNA, you will have to work with various staff members to provide patients with top-notch care. 

A potential employer will want to know just how much of a team player you are before offering you a job. Highlighting past instances where you worked with other people is a great way to highlight your ability to work in a group. Properly showcasing your ability to work in a team setting can help you land the CNA job of your dreams. 

3. Can You Describe The Unique Skills You Can Bring To This Position?

When interviewing CNA candidates, most employers will want to find someone who can bring something special to the table. If you’re asked about any unique skills you possess, don’t be scared to highlight anything that comes to mind. 

Some of the best skills you can advertise to a potential employer are your desire to learn and grow. Highlighting any certifications or past experience in other industries can also help you edge out the competition. 

4. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

This is perhaps the most common question you will encounter in a CNA job interview. Rather than giving some run-of-the-mill answer, you need to do your homework on the company you are interviewing with. Giving details about the past accomplishments and accolades the company has received can show your interviewer that you’ve done some research. 

Knowing how to answer the questions covered here the right way can give you a leg up on the competition.